What Size Bike Do I Need?

What Size Bike Do I Need?

Having fun while cycling starts with a bike that fits you right.  The best way to determine your proper size is to visit your local dealer.  However, sometimes people just want the convenience of shopping online, which is why we created BikeStoreGuys.com.

It is possible to come up with some rough guidelines based on height, but these are only an initial starting point for a proper fit.  What follows below is a basic guide on how to choose the right bike frame size for you.  These are general, not definitive, guidelines.

Some bikes may use a basic designation such as S, M, L or XL.  Others may provide a numeric frame “size”, listed in inches (i.e., 18″) or centimeters (i.e., 54 cm).  Each person’s physical dimensions and attributes (i.e. arm length, torso length, femur length, flexibility, etc.) are slightly different and can lead to different frame size needs even for people of the same height.

If you are in between two sizes it is often best to go with the smaller size.  It is easier to make a smaller frame fit a little larger than it is to attempt the reverse.  Fitting is an important process which directly affects the ride quality and comfort of a bike.

Height Mountain/Hybrid Size Road Size
< 5′ 2″ 13/14 43/47
5′ 3″ 13/15 47/50
5′ 6″ 16/18 50/52/54
5′ 9″ 18/19 52/54/56
5′ 11″ 19/21 54/56/58
6′ 2″ 21/22 56/58/60
6′ 3″ 22/25 58/60/62
6′ 4″ 25 60/62

The same is true with kids’ bike sizing.  While height is a good starting point it is no substitute having your local dealer view your child on a bike to determine what is the appropriate fit.  This is especially important as kids’ skill levels can vary greatly.  A child who is very skilled at riding a bike may be comfortable on a larger bike then a child of the same height who has just learned to ride without training wheels.

Height Kids Bikes Size
35 – 40″ 12″
39 – 46″ 16″
45 – 52″ 20″
51 – 63″ 24″

For more information on sizing, please visit our Preferred Brands page for a listing of all of our bike manufacturer’s websites, and contact them directly.

Finally, please don’t order a bike online if you don’t feel comfortable about your size.  If you order a bike, and need to exchange it for any reason, a 15% restocking fee will apply.  Once you leave the store and use the bike, you won’t be able to return your used bike.  Please see our Return Policy for complete details.